Star Gazer's Guild



Welcome!   This is the home of The Star Gazer's Guild.

What is the Star Gazer's Guild you ask? Why it's simple,  we are a group of people who decided to form a fleet on Star Trek Online for  a simple purpose.  Support.   There are so many fleets out there who expect so much from their members without really offering anything in return, and our administrator's decided that's not how a Fleet should run.   So, they launched The Star Gazer's Guild.    

At the Guild, we help one another in several ways, we help each other level up by running missions together, we help by purchasing needed equipment for each other, or offering advice on the best set up for ships or characters.    Anyway that we can help a player progress in the game, the administrator's of the Star Gazer's Guild feel it's their responsibilities to do it.  

But, we arent' strictly about running missions and earning points ranks.  We also are an Guild that includes Roll Play in our missions. We do not require that anyone participate in the RP side of t he SGG,  but we do encourage it as we feel it adds more fun to Star Trek online, especially to those who have achieved the rank of Vice Admiral.  

What We Expect

We don't expect a major amount of play time from any of our members; but we do ask that members log in and play at least one or two days of the week if possible.    We do not expect anything else from our members, other than they have fun playing the game.     We leave it up to each member if they want to participate in Fleet Events and donate to the Fleet, we don't demand it.  We feel that it should be a voluntary thing, not something that's expected.   

Conduct Becoming a Starfleet Officer

While we don't expect an exaggerated amount of participation in the Fleet Events, RP's, and other aspects of the game, we do however, expect our members to always behave in a curteous manner towards each other and other players on Star Trek Online.    Stalking, harrassment, rudeness, publicly cursing other players, lewdness, or any other inappropriate type of behavior will not be tolerated in any fashion.  

Also, if a player does not agree with something the administrator's; or another player, does, pm the administrations team with the complaint.  Do NOT make complaints publicly unless attempts to contact the administrators fail and the problem has not been resolved.